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Everyone's uploading so I'm going to as well..

Here are some really nice duets that I've been listening to recently!
All uploaded to mediafire. I can't be bothered with all those other sites. I've also posted this in cpopJason Chan ft Fiona Fung : I miss you

Jason Chan ft Rainie Yang (Rainie sings in CANTONESE!! :O )  理智與感情 

Fiona Sit & Khalil Fong - 復刻回憶   This song is a remake of an old jacky cheung classic. Though Jacky does it in Canto, these guys so mando! Really sad song lyrics..

Anson Hu and Stephy Tang : High School Musical Song 另一个自己

Gary Cao and Genie zhou (曹格+卓文萱) -梁山伯與茱麗葉 This song is quite old so most people have it already but it's such a lovely duet!

really miss u - Alex To & Shunza  Another really old but really good song. Got some chinglish as well haha
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I just friended this community and wanted to say thanks because I have little to NO access to asian radio or music and this community is a breath of fresh air!

^_^v Hope you enjoy x
Awww~~ I loved all the duets you've uploaded~ ^-^; Thxxx~
i've said it once, and i'll say it again. im having fiona's baby. she's going to impregnate me somehow.