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Maintenance [21 Dec 2012|12:01am]

I have bumped out all of the inactive members. All members who have remained and can see the friend's only postings as of this moment have retained their abilities to start new unmoderated posts as a reward. :p

All future postings (with links to songs, music videos, albums, etc.) will be in friend's only mode.

Membership is open.

I do not keep track of who replies to the postings. What does that mean?

Replies to the postings are appreciated, but I will not monitor and be a reply whore (for the most part). I have a life and do not care to keep track of replies matching downloaded file numbers. I am also sure you guys have a life too. I can see how many downloads a file has and that is good enough for me.

How to get posting rights and what it means.Collapse )

Azn_Radio, a community limping along three years strong... not knowing when to quit. :p
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Your Reply is Needed [19 Jun 2008|10:05pm]

Please Read and Reply.*Collapse )

*It is very short. So none of that "Too long, didn't read it" stuff as an excuse. :-)
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__Duets__ [11 Jun 2008|06:10pm]

Everyone's uploading so I'm going to as well..

Here are some really nice duets that I've been listening to recently!
All uploaded to mediafire. I can't be bothered with all those other sites. I've also posted this in cpopJason Chan ft Fiona Fung : I miss you

Jason Chan ft Rainie Yang (Rainie sings in CANTONESE!! :O )  理智與感情 

Fiona Sit & Khalil Fong - 復刻回憶   This song is a remake of an old jacky cheung classic. Though Jacky does it in Canto, these guys so mando! Really sad song lyrics..

Anson Hu and Stephy Tang : High School Musical Song 另一个自己

Gary Cao and Genie zhou (曹格+卓文萱) -梁山伯與茱麗葉 This song is quite old so most people have it already but it's such a lovely duet!

really miss u - Alex To & Shunza  Another really old but really good song. Got some chinglish as well haha
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三角 cool [03 Feb 2008|09:44am]

Been listening to some of this stuff lately by 三角Cool/Sanjiao Cool. Three dudes, got a nice beat to it and all that jazz. Going to say it's more of a R & B thing going here. They're pretty good to say the least so I'm not going to use the "Triangle Cool" name most sites are calling them, that just sounds lame. "Sanjiao Cool" sounds so much better. Give it a shot, most people I've shared these with already really like them. But what sold me was the albums cover.... the chick on it has nice legs. ;-)

优点缺点 / Youdian, Quedian / Virtue, Weakness Size : 4.75 MB
月亮代表我的心里有问题 /Yueliang Daibiao Wo de Xinli You Wenti / The Moon Shows My Heart Has a Problem Size : 4.48 MB

Needless to say, I uploaded it so they're singing in Mandarin. Hehe sorry.

Here's something off of youtube to give an idea what they sound like

猜猜我是谁 / Guess who I am

It's got hot chicks..... thehehe
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Jay Chou - Secrets [11 Jan 2008|07:07pm]

Uploaded this for a friend so ya guys can get sloppy seconds. :-P

Jay Chou - Bu Neng Shuo de Mimi - Secrets/Secret Can't Tell Size : 6.12 mb

This is from the Jay Chou Movie by the same name.
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Beijing....Hip hop [09 Jan 2008|07:44pm]

Me and some buds used to sing this to annoy other foreigners in Beijing. So here ya go:

隐藏 - 在北京 / Yin Tsang - Welcome to Beijing (In Beijing) Size : 3.84 MB

Ya know when ya hear the Erhu (that traditional instrument)starting up, there's going to be some "pwnage"... hip-hop Erhu style.

If ya go to Beijing, try to find all these places and things they mention haha! There's only one that doesn't exist in it. :-P

现在知道了吧!/ Now ya know!
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Wo Hen Mang [06 Jan 2008|07:53pm]

This is a re-upload of Jay Chou's "On the Run" (周杰伦-我很忙)

Here's the linky!
On the Run Album size = 51.81 MB
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Two stuff [04 Jan 2008|07:44am]

Two songs today. If you haven't guessed by now, the stuff I post tends to be in Mandarin Chinese. That is, unless I say otherwise hehe. :-P

Chen Chusheng - You Mei You Ren Gaosu Ni/有没有人告诉你/Has Anybody Told You? Size: 5.46 MB

A-Mei - Yes Or No Size: 7.71 MB
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Canto Stuff [01 Jan 2008|08:09pm]

Cantonese music by this Hins Cheung (Wikipedia clicky) character.

Emotional 6.27 MB
Lost in Drive 5.02 MB
Ardently Love 4.86MB
My God 5.28 MB
Results Released 4.67MB

For some reason the song names and the order seem like what leads up to a one-night stand. All this then followed by the aftermath a week/month later.
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Baby Monkiz [01 Jan 2008|04:27pm]

Some chick band stoof for yas! I swear, I only have chick stuff because it sounds good, not based on how hawt the chicks are on the cover.... Just like I only watch Christina Aguilera music videos on mute for the music.

All of this is from a group called Baby Monkiz. I think their names are : Chali, Kissy, and Hisa. If anybody asks, I'm having Hisa's baby. As to who is Hisa... I aint picky.

Baby Monkiz - 天使的宝贝 Tianshi de Baobei - Angel Baby (Acoustic) size : 5.79 MB
Baby Monkiz - 天使的宝贝 Tianshi de Baobei - Angel Baby size : 7.04 MB
Baby Monkiz - 异想天开 -Yixiang Tiankai - Fantasy size : 4.94 MB

I'll be posting some Cantonese music from Hins Cheung eventually. Uploading it at the moment.
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Meteor Garden? [01 Jan 2008|08:55am]

So here's the deal I was bored and just looking around seeing what is new in the releases and came across something. Found something by JVKV, and they looked remarkably similar to F4 to me... just some of them have finally gotten haircuts. (Being a heterosexual male, I don't know what any of the F4 members look like anyway.) Apparently JVKV is the new name for F4, it's short for the band members: Jerry, Vanness, Ken, and Vic.

Here are four of the songs from the new Album "Zai Zheli Deng Ni / 在这里等你 / Waiting for You Here":

Zai Zheli Deng Ni / 在这里等你 / Waiting for You Here - Size: 5.84 MB
Wusuowei / 无所谓 / It Doesn't Matter - Size: 5.71 MB
Meibanfa Likai Ni / 没办法离开你 / No Way to Leave You - Size: 6.18 MB
Listen to Your Heart - Size: 6.34 MB

If the translated song names I provide differ from the "official translated song names", blame me. I tend to translate however the hell I feel like it some days. ;-)
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Stoof [26 Dec 2007|07:11pm]

Two mp3s of different backings.

First one is a song Aiko keeps sending to me and I keep losing every time I redo my HD, so I uploaded it for DL.
Q. Lazarus - Goodbye Horses Size = 2.79 MB

Second one is something from a guy called Dao Lang. This is by a Han dude reppin' for Wulumuqi. Some people hate him, some like him. First time I heard this song was faintly off in the distance in the mountains of northern Xinjiang at 3am. A half-Khazak/half-Uygher came riding up to us and had it blaring off of his walkman. After having the guides vanish earlier in the day and riding 14 hours on a horse... it was good to finally have a sign of security. It's probably the only reason I like this song or anything by Dao Lang. hehe
Dao Lang - The first Snow of 2002 Size = 5.76 MB
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[15 Dec 2007|04:07pm]
Hi I've looked all over for this song and I can't find it anywhere.
If this is possible, can someone please rip this song for me?

"Người tình mùa đông-Linda Chou"
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This Is Serious Mum! [14 Dec 2007|02:39am]


How can one not love cute little bunnies lamenting on how "Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me"?!

That's right, I got the high quality music video for it as well as the MP3. Right now I am uploading the music video and will post a link to it when I wake up in the morning. For the moment being, MP3 goodness of it.

TISM - Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me! at 3.6 MB
TISM - Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me! - Music Video at 48.53 MB

This poor bunny reminds me of.... Me! T_T If you're a chick and love Manly Men with hello kitty tattoos, drop me a line! ;-)

Until I upload the video, here's the youtube for it:

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A Music Video [21 Nov 2007|07:51pm]

I got a bunch of Rurutia music videos from a bud of mine. They're all in RMVB file format with Japanese and Chinese (simplified) subtitles. Why rmvb? Because it's got better compression at 1/3 the size of a mpeg and much better resolution...

This one is 愛し子よ (Itoshigo Yo/To My Lovely Baby). It seems to go with the song last week about a guy having eight girlfriends... Just uhmmm more creepy. At least from a dude's perspective.

Download Rurutia: 愛し子よ (Itoshigo Yo/To My Lovely Baby) Size : 19.4 MB

And ZOMG I saw a hickey mark in the music video!

My posts and selections are random, so very little thought goes/or will go into them. ;-)
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Rest of Swan Songs [18 Nov 2007|06:07pm]

Here's the Epik High Swan Songs Album in its entire format. I got several complaints about the files not working so just zipped it into one big file for yousendit.com

Epik High - Swan Songs Album Size 81 MB

See the previous posting for song listing.
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[17 Nov 2007|11:59pm]

Epik High is making the rounds now. I got half of their Swan Songs Album uploaded.
Half of Swan Song AlbumCollapse )

Quick info is this, Korean Rap. D/L one song and try it out at least before ya diss it. I'll post the rest tomorrow since this is a request.
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Graceful 4 Album [17 Nov 2007|10:38am]

Graceful 4 AlbumCollapse )

Here's the info on the Grace band jacked from Wikipedia

The Grace is a Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment. It consists of four members with skills in singing, dancing and also a bit of acting. The quartet debuted in 2005 and since then, the group gained popularity in South Korea and a number of other countries. They are notably popular in Japan, where much of their activity occurs, following the precedent of other Korean-turned-Japanese-celebrity pop stars such as BoA, who is also managed by SM Entertainment.
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zomg, I'm pwning t3h n00bs. [15 Nov 2007|08:39pm]

Okay, found this 艾尔肯/ Ai er ken's Mandarin song. ;-)

It's called wo de guniang zai nali/我的姑娘在哪里/Where's my girl?

It is a simple song that me and some buds from Beijing used to sing on horseback while "cruising" in Xinjiang. I'm posting it just 'cause I can, boo-ya!

Lyrics / Quick Translation / half-arsed pinyinCollapse )
I hatep inyin so I might do the rest of it later...

The short hand, this guy has 8 girlfriends in several places... Then they all leave him and he's left there pretty much like, "WTF?! Where'd they all go? T_T"

Download: Wo de Guniang Zai Nali? size : 3.69 MB
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Another update, wtf? [15 Nov 2007|07:51am]

Updates might start becoming more regular from me again. What do I have to thank for it? FIBER!

Nah, I'm on the computer more often. Got 95?-110?% of an old military motorcycle bought as salvage all across the garage floor in pieces. I'm sitting here looking up references and repairs on my days off. -_-

But this works out both ways! The parts shop down the street also has one of those infamous black market Asian dudes selling bootlegs out of a briefcase in the backroom for about a $1 a CD. Bellaire Blvd is the shiznit. ;-)

L'arc-en-ciel's Album AwakeCollapse )

Yesh-uhm. I got the songs from the album as individual downloads! See I do have a lot of time on the computer now! I will be trying to make this a future habit.

As for future requests. Ask away. I'm back-and-forth from the parts shop frequently and I have a tendency to throw down a couple dollars from my change to get some Chinese/Korean/Japanese music CDs. This includes new stoof too as ya can tell from the Jay Chou. The guy had it day after release in China. Tehehe

Comment if you want to, don't comment if you don't want to.... I am so awesome and egotistically self-fulfilling, I don't need others to add to it. ;-)
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